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a cat tales & meow mysteries newsletter
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Tash. Welcome to my newsletter.

December 1, 2000 Issue #3
Melanie Sanpietro, editor melantash@worldnet.att.net
Natasha Sanpietro, feline natasha@tashworld.zzn.com
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A note from the editor and her favorite feline:

This morning as I look outside I see... The snowflakes are slowly drifting down, but the roads are melting them away. The grass is sharing them; so, there is a pretty speckle on the the ground for us to enjoy. Until, there are so many they are taking over the land! Winter is coming to Upstate NY. It is definitely time to gather up those cozies and get snuggled under a blanket with your favorite felines.

I have reminded my favorite feline that it is time for her to decide. Yes... what is her favorite recipe from "Sneaky Pie's Cookbook"? Will it be "Pewter's Favorite Crab" or "Salmon Pie"? Yum, she places her paw on my hand to agree. Then she does her "Natasha Nose Nuzzle" not to my nose, but to the back bookcover. Oh, I see. New Year's Tuna which is very basic: tuna mixed in milk. Yucky to humans, but a delight to felines, it is.

Happy Reading!


1. Book Clue for upcoming Tash Review
2. Cat Tales
3. Meow Mysteries
4. Thank you - a Tash Treat for you
5. Tashie's Top Links
6. Send in your Review


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Print of the Month

1. Book Clue for upcoming Tash Review

" ... Salvatore raised his head at Annabel, his affable leer becoming more affable than ever. Another pretty little female and a large roasted chicken. He head-butted Annabel's arm fondly. What a splendid establishment this woman ran! Sally wasn't so sure. She circled Sassy's still form cautiously and ignored the blandishments of roast chicken. She seemed profoundly uneasy and, with every sniff of the recumbent form, she became more unsettled. She gave Annabel a questioning look.

"I wish I knew, " Annabel said wearily. ..."

Can you guess what I am reading?

Read on ... You will find the answer.

2. Cat Tales

Cats On Quilts ...
Sandi Fox
October 2000

From the Publisher:
Cat lovers, quilt collectors, and crafts enthusiasts alike will enjoy this delightful book devoted to images of fascinating felines adorning beautifully made quilts dating from 1840 to the mid-20th century.

Sandi Fox discusses the changing styles and techniques of quiltmaking over the past 100 years, identifying the origins of various designs. Cats and kittens are shown sitting erect, moving among boughs of berries, tumbling on a table with a ball of yarn, or peeping from a basket. Each beautifully photographed quilt is paired with poetry or prose drawn from works by Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, W.B. yeats, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Beatrix Potter, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and other wonderful writers—adding further appeal to a charming gift book.

('Tis Tashie here...
A princess snuggle muffin that I am! It would only make sense that a kitty on a quilt goes together well. I love to snuggle under the common blanket too.)

To purchase your copy: Cats on Quilts ...

The Cat Who... Cookbook
Julie Murphy, Sally Stempinski
October 2000

From the Publisher
More than 200 recipes for mystery fans with finicky tastes...

As fans of Lilian Jackson Braun's mystery series know, food plays a not insubstantial part in her books, and now Murphy and Stempinski, a mother-and-daughter cooking team who have thrown "The Cat Who " theme parties, provide the recipes to go along with them. They offer menus for 22 of Braun's titles, along with a sampling of " la carte" recipes for each; quotations from the books serve as headnotes. There's also a chapter listing suggested "Feline Fare"--Braun's cats disdain catfood, preferring instead such delicacies as smoked oysters and tenderloin tips.

('Tis Tashie here...
Yum... KoKo & Yum Yum have gourmet tastes. I am sure I will like this book too.)

To purchase your copy: The Cat Who... Cookbook

3. Meow Mysteries

The Cat Who Smelled a Rat
Lilian Jackson Braun
January 2001

From the Publisher:
October arrives in Moose County on the heels of a long drought, and the citizens of Pickax worry about wildfires.

Their fears are realized in an unexpected manner, with a case of arson-and the shooting of a volunteer fire-watcher as he is reporting the blaze. The crime wave continues as the president of the curling club is pushed to his death down a flight of stairs, and it's up to Qwilleran & Co. to sniff out the rat who is

This book will be available in January, place your advance order now and we will ship it when it arrives!

To purchase your copy: The Cat Who Smelled a Rat responsible for it all.

Hanging Hannah
Evan Marshall
May 2000

From the Critics:
From Libray Journal:
Airy prose, domestic subplots, and an appealing heroine characterize this second title in the series. Literary agent Jane Stuart, living in bucolic Shady Hills, NJ, gained local fame when she investigated the disappearance of her son's nanny (Missing Marlene). This time, she helps solve the case of a woman found hanging in the woods behind the local inn. A filched quilt, a crazy-acting cat, a ghostly girl in the twilight, an incipient romance with a handsome detective, and a client's publishing party all contribute highlights to a deftly handled plot. For most collections. Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.|

To purchase your copy: Hanging Hannah


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6. Send in your Review

We invite you to send in your book review.

Book Clue Answer:
Marian Babson's - The Company of Cats - will be this month's review - December 18th.

To Purchase your copy: The Company of Cats

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