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What?! There's been a murder. Get the cat; mystery solved. This cat sleuth has surrounded and rounded up these mysteries. They won't get away. Nab your mystery today.

Sticks & Scones
The Whitechapel Conspiracy
Claws & Effect

BBE with me

I have highlighted these three mysteries this month. Click on the link above; it will take you to my synopsis below. To follow, there will always be "More".

"BBE" -- Tash
What? You don't know what "BBE" is?!
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Sticks & Scones
by Dianne Mott Davidson

Sticks and Scones

Diane Mott Davidson is the reigning queen of the kitchen mystery, and her bestselling books featuring caterer/sleuth Goldy Schultz have earned her a following of devoted fans with a ravenous appetite for thrills, as well as for Goldy's tempting recipes. The latest in Davidson's popular series is STICKS & SCONES, a tasty morsel guaranteed to leave mystery mavens hungry for more.

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The Whitechapel Conspiracy
by Anne Perry

The Whitechapel Conspiracy

Anne Perry's 21st novel featuring the beloved husband-and-wife team Thomas and Charlotte Pitt. Here Perry's concerns are wonderfully balanced between showing the vast differences in social classes and plotting an involving mystery that explodes into full-blown political conspiracy.

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Claws and Effect
by Rita Mae Brown

Claws and Effect

That felicitous and furry feline author, Sneaky Pie Brown, has teamed up once again with her human counterpart, Rita Mae Brown, to bring another fun and fascinating mystery to light. If you've experienced the whimsical high jinks of Brown's four-footed sleuths before, it's easy to see why this delightful series is so popular. If you haven't, then CLAWS AND EFFECT is the purr-fect way to get acquainted.

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