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This section features cat care, funny stories, and more. Cats do have the best tales.

Ah, you said, "curiosity killed the cat!"... Well, ... (as the saying finishes) "satisfaction brought it back".

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Sneaky Pie's Cookbook for Mystery Lovers
by Sneaky Pie Brown

Is your favorite feline friend growing tired of warm milk and catnip? Well, Sneaky Pie Brown may have just the answer for the finicky kitty -- and human -- blues. Here is a unique collection of recipes for cats, humans, even dogs -- an adorable, wonderfully illustrated, handbag-sized volume that will have every member of the family clawing at the curtains in utter delight.

A Letter to the Reader by Sneaky Pie Brown.

How to Live with a Neurotic Cat
by Stephen Baker

How to Live w/a Neurotic cat This little book takes cat behavior with humor illustrated in cartoon sketches. Hmm ... In reference to testing, a few questions I answered "yes" in the Feline Normalcy Test. However, I am happy to report that I am an exceptionally alert cat. In conclusion: Don't be alarmed if your cat seems to be abnormal. It is normal for cats to be that way. This fun book I give 3s.

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Cat Massage: A Whiskers-to-Tail Experience
by Maryjean Ballner

Ooh, this one I recommend with all my four paws... I enjoy this one. Maryjean Ballner explains 50 massage techniques that bring out "power purring". My favorite is "Nighty-Night Nuzzling" (p.118). This is actually three techniques: Forehead Favorite, Chin-ups, and Light Fur Fluffing. Mom does all three then tops it off with the "Natasha Nose Nuzzle" - sorry, it's not in the book. Another one I love is Tip Toe Through the Toes. It's gentle and very relaxing (p. 111). 4s

277 Secrets Your Cat Wants You to Know
Twisted Whiskers: Solving Your Cat's Behavior Problems
Cats into Everything
New Natural Cat

You'll find more great books about your favorite felines in
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