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'Widdle Wun'

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Oh, no. What's wrong?


I don't understand Me! Mom. What is this when she asks ...
Are you my 'widdle wun'? She KNOWS I am Kaylie! Why ask? AND She knows that I am little.


I thought she was saying waddle. That you waddle.


I don't waddle! It's even worse in public. She humiliates me - especially in front of the other cats. She sees me and squeals, "Ooh, here's my Honey Bunny". Ugh, I am NOT a bunny. I am not dumb. Honey is sweet. Sweet and dumb I am not.

I am rough and tumble. I climb trees. Keeping up my reputation is hard when she calls me Honey Bunny AND she picks me up and squeazes me.


I like it when Me! Mom calls me Boo-Boo Baby. Remember she loves us.


You would. Now Boo-Boo Maker... That's what I would like to be called.

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