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Have you hugged your pet today?

Wow Tash! Those books are great at your Book Stop. From that 'Find the Book You want' search engine I made a 'to buy' list. I will be on the lookout, so, I won't miss any of your books on display selections.


Thank you, Kaylie. Just to let you all know, my little sister - Kaylie - is an entrepreneur too! She owns Kaylie's Quarters and proceeds go to the Youth Museum of the Finger Lakes. More news coming . . . She'll turn in the latest report soon.


Join the MyPoints Program. Earn free rewards! Yes, I will. . . But, check out this. I like to be rewarded while having fun. You are always serious.


I am; That's why I got my TashWorld.com name. Have you? NO. Well, I recommend and advise getting yours today.


Tash, I don't have time to be a webmistress like you. I like hanging out third floor actic windows and climbing up onto porch roofs. I had Mom in a panic!


That's enough; everyone doesn't need to know what a bad girl cat you are.

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