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Bookmark to make many mugs
Tash Gallery Mugs & Mousepads
Have Favorite Photos? Make Mugs.

It is easy as 1 - 2 -3 to upload your photos to make Mugs, Mousepads, Print Shop and more...

Select your photo, upload, and choose the products you wish to make... and it's done!

Photo Selection

Almost any size photo can be used. For best results,
select photos that match the recommended sizes for these products:

ProductW x HProductW x H
Photo Mug270x234Magnet Calendar432x288
Mousepad558x666Page Calendar504x360
Paper Cube252x252Plush Toy Polar Bear216x216
Magnet288x360Dog Bone Mat668x576
Place Mat668x576Cat Place Mat668x576

Me! Photos that U Can Use
Each month I share my favorite pictures at my Photo Gallery. I will make a few available for you to upload. Please only upload these (none others) , because I have scanned them at a higher resolution and sized them for the specified products.

At this time these images are available:
Book Stop Tash
TashWorld mousepad
TashWorld mug or paper cube

Melantash Marketing owns the copyright of the above images, Melantash Marketing gives you (the user) the right to use these images to purchase items..


Then, click here.

Free Site with My Pets

Do you have oodles of photos of your pet?

Would you like to create your own website with a theme? At this time you can have your own site featuring your pet! What? You have kids, or had a great party, or just got married... These theme sites are available too ... just click and start.

My Pets Album My Kids Album My Trip Album
My Party Album My Wedding Album
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