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I am little Kaylie and help Tash.
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Face to face with Tash!

Come face to face with Me!

'Tis Tashie here to show that these past few years I have enjoyed posing for you.

Have you seen these faces before? You may have, because they are scattered about this site. Enjoy these faces!

Backpack Tashie Cutie Tash Office Gal Tash
Tash Beauty Tash in a Box! Mad at You, Tashie
Tash says ...Relax & Read Book Stop Tash Bask in a blanket babe Tash

These are just a few of many faces. Don't you think I would make a great calendar girl?

Unfortunately these kitties have stolen Year 2004 from me! However, I do give them a precious paw of approval.

Cats by Pollyanna Pickering

Cats by Pollyanna Pickering
Precious paw Tash

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