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Photo Exhibit - Room 5 - Work

I am an Office Executive

Tash at Mom's desk chair

Here I am sitting on my Mom's office chair in the room where GrandPaw's computer is. I have Mom make all the adjustments to this website, because my little paws can't type. She lovingly does this for me.

To the right, you'll see that I am reposing in a BIGGER and BETTER desk chair. This is in GrandPaw's office. I make the executive decisions here for my website. Also, it is a great place to read books.

Do you know you can "BBE" books at my Book Stop? Millions of books at great discounts are waiting for you.

At GrandPaw's Big Chair

Although, I love going to work, because the chairs are comfortable, it is nice to be home. Next month I will share with you some pictures of home.

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