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Tash Photo Gallery Exhibit
Photo Exhibit - Room 3 - Favorite Places
Tash 'Sink is favorite place' Photo

The bathroom sink will always be one of my favorite places. The porcelain is cool and refreshing to sit in and the water is cool and refreshing to slurp up. I just love letting the water drip on my head.

My mom prefers that I place my paws and nose into this nifty fountain of freshness. I give it all 4 s of excellence.
Drinkwell Fresh Water Fountain and Reservoir
Drinkwell Fresh Water Fountain and Reservoir

Jazz Discovery

I love listening to music and now have discovered a jazzy place to hang out!

This is not just a place to buy music; it's also a place to learn about music. Jazz Discovery is an intuitive, interactive tour that lets you find out more about jazz styles, artists, and instruments and even listen to handpicked song samples for every category and artist. In addition, Jazz Discovery gives personalized CD recommendations at the end of each search.

So for cool jazz or hot swing, this is where I let my paws hang out - a cool cat Jazz Discovery.

My family is in the next room. Would you like to meet them?

Room 4

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