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Nab some freebies today! These are My favorite treats.
Read email, get points, free products!

Read email, get points, free products

It is an easy program to accumulate points. Fun too. You can gather up points by going to the site to surf around, shop, or just read the occasional email(s) that arrive in your box.

For example (August 1999). . .

I took advantage of an offer from Mother Nature. I spent $8 (save $20) for 8 month's worth of chewable vitamin C (which I was almost out of). Received 400 bonus points plus the normal 10 from reading the email.

Since then I have not made any other purchases.

Within the year, . . .

At Barnes and Noble (May 2000) I redeemed my $25 reward certificate for Cat in a Kiwi Con by Carole Nelson Douglas - free!

Recently, . . .

In December 2000, I selected another $25 reward certificate for Barnes and Noble. This time I brought home Cat Spitting Mad by Shirley Rousseau Murphy - free!

And Now, . . .

MyPoints has MyPoints MasterCard rewarding you with additional bonus points for each purchase.

Join the MyPoints Program. Earn free rewards!
This is my favorite. Although there are oodles of products to select from, I always choose to get my books for free.

Don't delay; sign up today.

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