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. . . for April 20, 2002 Review. . .

Here is a clue for you. Tash. Here is a choice morsel:

The instant he turned to look at the pups again, they were all over him, slobbering and whining, soaking him with dog spit.

"Stop it! Get off! Get back. Get off me!"

They ducked away, staring at him wide-eyed with alarm.

Obviously they had never been spoken to in the English language by one of feline persuasion. Whining and backing, they watched him with such deep suspicion that he had to laugh.

His laughter frightened them further. The poor beasts looked so confused that he ended up reaching out a gentle paw, patting the smaller pup on his huge white foot, then lifting his own sleek gray face to sniff noses.

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Current Review's Clue

So Chatter, being an inventive, clever chimp, settles for tightening his long fingers around my tail.

Oh the indignity!

Fortunately this is a clandestine outing.

We have made our surreptitious way from the dressing room area, keeping to shadowed halls, handy walls, and hiding behind the lush landscaping once we enter the Kingdome itself.

Our situation is made even worse by the fact that I did not care to take Chatter out undiapered, so he is wearing his jeweled jumpsuit, ...

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